Festivals, Fairs and Sporting Events

The Artist Partnership has enormous history creating and working festivals, so let our experience help you.  We can help you attain the best in entertainment, whether a package or a headliner for your Festival, Fair or Sporting Event.

You can have The Artist Partnership with you in many different ways.  We can handle just the contracting of talent much like a booking agency, or you can have us act as a producer or co-promoter to handle the entire musical/entertainment potion of your event.  We have been delivering turn-key fully produced live concerts and events worldwide for years.

If you opt for a turn-key event, your price that you contract for can include:

  • Contract negotiation … fully prepped for delivery to your office or home.
  • An event producer on location to produce and coordinate the entertainment for your event.
  • Production which includes all sound, lighting, staging and equipment rentals.
  • Travel which includes airfare, hotel and ground transportation.
  • We can handle setting up VIP experience for autograph sessions for your client or company.

Please feel free to look at the vast options we can provide on our website, if you do not find what you are looking for, just tell us who or what you want. We will work with you to find the perfect entertainment.

Our priority is to make the best events possible and excel at procuring the best in entertainment.  Our relationships within the entertainment are at the highest levels and because of that we are miles ahead of anyone else in the industry.

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